Are you Interview Ready?

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Campus recruitment and College placements has started. If you are a fresher employer doesn’t want any working experience from you. They are looking for what skills you are good at, your attitude, positivity, adaptability and your dedication level. They need to see how you can prove to be an asset for their organization. So how to make yourself worth hiring.

The first thing you should work on is your communication skills. Communication skills don’t mean to speak like Americans but it should be a clear two way conversation. You should catch the correct pronunciation and speak clear

Improve your listening skills. Take interest and focus on the speaker. If you are listening carefully, your replies and reaction will be apt and to the point, which is highly desirable.

Self Confidence is the key in this regard, Try to keep calm and composed. Talk less and listen carefully. Even if you are nervous try not to show from your gestures. Maintain a good posture and speak slow and clear. Don’t panic and hurry.

The Resume – You should always follow a proper format while editing your resume. The first level rejection starts from resume sourcing only. So your resume should be properly aligned with suitable fonts and avoid including any unnecessary details.

Add the skills you have acquired apart from your course studies. Enrich your CVs so that you can encash it during interviews. But never fabricate your CVs with false declarations.

Whenever you get a call for interview, ask for Job Description. It helps you understand the roles & responsibilities involved. So that you can yourself, how much interested you are for that particular job. You should have a pre determined mindset that which field or domain you are interested in. If it matches your interest, it will lead to job satisfaction or else you will end up doing something you don’t like.

Homework – Before facing any interview you should know about the company. Never appear without proper homework. At least get prepare with the Company’s name, Founders, Founding year, Locations, Products & Services. It provides a positive impression on the interviewer that you are interested.

Get updated with the new technological advancements in your field and industry. Education is necessary but knowledge about your industry is equally important. Candidate should be industry oriented this makes them preferable by employers.

Candidates should use social media as a tool not just for entertainment. You can search jobs through different portals and websites. Join on professional websites. LinkedIn is a powerful weapon in bridging the right job with right candidate. Grow your network and connections. This will make you alert and aware of new opportunities.

Always believe in yourself. People say “Sky is the limit “. But remember there are footprints on the Moon.

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